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The Afrofinns Achievement Awards are individual and group awards, delivered to nominees at the Afrofinns Gala night. They are inclusive and suitable for a community with a wide range of abilities and interests. They can also be tailored to support any activity and provide a framework to support innovative ideas or curriculum for excellence.

The Afrofinns Achievement Awards offers a formal recognition and accreditation for members of the Afro-Finnish community. They are delivered in a range of 13 categories, which enables  people to more effectively recognise and articulate their achievements within different contexts, increasing self-esteem, improving motivation and keeping them engaged within our society in general.

How we decide who wins the awards?

The award selectin process is based for a big part on the plan-do-review process.  Planning process, implementation process and what the outcome has provided as advancement to the individual and by ricochet to the community.

Our Services

Our Services

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