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Afrofinns by Juke Luoma

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In this globally connected world, success is often contingent on forging strong relationships with like-minded people to create strong networks.  At Afrofinns we address the need of creating an ecosystem for us Afrofinns, supporting ongoing exchanges, and collaborations between us, we share a commitment to developing innovative artistic and social practices which stimulate community engagement, positive change, encourage the creation and help to build direct connections between people.




Afrofinns activity plan focuses on two different areas: Culture and identity, and Entrepreneurship

The culture and identity has as goal, to increase well-being and sense of community among our members focusing on youth and families.

Our second project is business related, it's a platform to created and building local communities of business oriented people.

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Stories can change our lives, so our mission is to create videos that can impact you in a positive way. We’re devoted to growing a place where you can return whenever you need to be relax and feel inspired. 

“Izandla ziyagezana” meaning “hands wash each other”, we know that we are here, on this planet, to help each other, and build each other up. 

South Africa / ZULU 

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